Episode 157 – Automotive Performance Group

Episode 157 of The 4×4 Podcast is brought to you by Artemis Overland Hardware.  Artemis Overland Hardware is a family business with a huge selection of overland equipment in stock for online orders or you can visit the showroom located in Springfield, Missouri.  Either way, Artemis Overland Hardware will get you equipped and ready for … Continue reading »

Ep 125: Nissan Nation Productions

Presented by Nexen Tire and Icon Vehicle Dynamics: Dave and Dan from @nissannationproductions join us to talk about all things #nissan, cross-country tips for survival, and why the TC theme song rocks so hard! These guys are a lot of fun and we can't wait to hang out with them some more.

Episode 437 – Is the Wrangler Destined for IFS?

This Week In Jeep: 

Design Changes To the Wrangler! …Already?

Last week we reported on the crash test video released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  We posted up the link to the video, which showed the test vehicle (a 2019 Jeep Wrangler) rolling over onto its side during the small-overlap crash test. The video is pretty much going viral in the automotive world, mostly because it’s a pretty gnarly crash, and the Jeep’s crash test dummy occupant is otherwise unscathed. But also because this is apparently the first time a rollover has occurred in the history of this test, which the institute admits, is the hardest for automakers to pass.  (Way to set the bar Jeep.) Although the 2018 thru 2020 model year Jeep Wrangler JL got the highest scores possible in all other test categories, the “marginal” score on this test is something FCA was quick to respond to. Jeep’s parent automaker, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, had immediately got in front of this and claimed that through their own testing, and out of the half million some odd Wranglers it’s produced in this model run so far, they’ve never heard or seen of any such vehicle characteristics as what the IIHS video showed. This week, things have changed slightly, and through a press release by an IIHS representative, they say that ((QUOTE)) “FCA has indicated that they are working on making changes to address WHY the wrangler flopped over on its side during this particular test.” OK, so now FCA is willing to accept the IIHS results, having disputed them a week prior, and now claims that they are going to (quote-unquote) “make changes” to the Wrangler’s design. It is of course entirely unclear what “changes” will be made to the Wrangler to help it perform better in this specific crash test, …..and all we could do is freak ourselves out by speculating and buying into the rumors that an IFS Wrangler is just around the corner, and may come as soon as 2022. (hahaha no.) Whether or not there will be drastic changes that will piss the entire jeep world off to no end and whether or not they will be implemented in future models, or addressed now through recalls is all up in the air. Maybe this has something to do with the death wobble issue? OH! It’s the sway bar’s fault!

Build Jeeps or Protect From Covid – Can We Do Both?

Although you my fellow Jeeper who is listening to this might be furloughed, still laid off, or otherwise unemployed, many around the nation are preparing to get back to work. From FCA’s Belvidere Assembly plant, to, the Warren Stamping Plant in Michigan and even the Windsor Ontario Assembly plant. Pretty much every single North American production or assembly facility is going to have workers who will be returning to a very unfamiliar landscape. In the wake of all this economic suicide there are going to be workplaces that are vastly different from what many are used to or even expecting given the crrent state of things. And it has just come to our attention that for the employees who are assembling our Jeeps, they’re going to find a large number of implementations that have been put in place for (what the powers that be are calling) “their protection.” On the assembly lines, there will now be marked in broad yellow boxes, divided areas to help workers maintain distancing protocols. Thick plastic sheeting and weld curtains have been hung down the length of some assembly lines to divide the workers on one side from spreading germs to the other side. Daily health screenings, double checked by security through specific mobile applications will be required before entry is allowed into any of the plants. ALL employees at ALL FCA North American locations will be required to take their temperature and complete regular self screening questionnaires as well. They’ve even gone so far as to install lexan or plexiglass dividers in all break areas to prevent workers from sitting or eating next to each other. Chairs have been strategically blocked off and dividers installed on top of tables to force the separation employees.  In areas where the work requires two employees inside of six feet from each other, plastic sheet barriers are to be clipped into place along various points of the vehicles chassis dividing the airspace between the workers. This is just the tip of the iceberg.  I’m sure these and the other insane measures that companies like FCA are taking to contro, ii mean protect their workers isn’t going to affect morale or productivity in any way.

Go Topless Jeep Event THIS WEEKEND in Texas!

Thousands of Jeepers and partiers alike are expected to pack the sand of Crystal Beach on the Bolivar Peninsula this weekend for the annual Go Topless Jeep Weekend event. Galveston County Sheriff’s Office deputies will be working overtime and getting assistance from the Texas Department of Public Safety for the event, according to Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset. Thirty state troopers will be sent to the Bolivar Peninsula to help with the event as well. According to the sheriff himself, he says that the event last year was overwhelming. There were more than 100 arrests at last year’s Go Topless event, and six individuals were flown off the peninsula to hospitals by Life Flight helicopters. Deputies responded to more than 400 911 calls in that one weekend alone. (C’mon Jeepers! We can do better than that!) Although officials believe they are better prepared this year, they also know that trying to enforce social distancing will be almost impossible. Over the last several weeks, more and more people have been showing up to the beach in what is likely a case of mass cabin fever. According to the sheriff’s office, most of them have been families and have been well behaved. But his office worries about the group of people that are due this weekend. Billboards, posters and a plea from the sheriff himself say that ((QUOTE)) “if you wouldn’t do it in front of your parents and your grandparents, don’t come down to the beach and do it.” Great advice and well put sheriff. I’m going to ask that if there ARE any Jeep Talk Show fans down there, that you help represent the show and the Jeep world as a whole in a positive light. Have fun going topless this weekend in Texas.

Jeep Life:

Tammy had a pretty good Mothers Day. She was off roading in Colorado on Chinamans Gulch Loop. It wasn’t just an everyday off road trip. This was a special one. She went wheeling with a JTS listener.  {audio clip} Ron has a little addiction. He has 7 Jeeps. A stock 1949 willys cj3a, 1952 Willys m38 (which is the one he wheeled on Sunday), a 1952 cj3a, 1975 cj5 – snow plow Jeep, 1980 CJ7 (had since high school) Plus 2 Scramblers which are his absolute favorite Jeep of all time. He’s starting the rebuild of one this winter to be his over-landing Jeep. He’s collecting parts and will soon start that project.  Ron specifically picked the trail Chinaman’s Gulch Loop knowing Tammy’s fear of heights/ledges and shelf roads. Despite that, they plan on wheeling again soon. If your interested in wheeling with Tammy or want to share with her your own Jeep life story, send an email to info@jeeptalkshow.com

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: 

Robbing The Fan To Pay The Lights

If you blow a fuse on the road or out on the trail and you find yourself unprepared, you DO have options. Not all of us carry around a full electrical repair kit, although it may be a good idea to put one together if your off road kit doesn’t have one already. So it may come as no surprise that I’ve heard stories of Jeepers who have had to call for a tow because they didn’t have a spare fuse.      Shocking – I know. 			</div><!-- .entry-content -->
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Episode 156 – Hellwig Products

Episode 156 of The 4×4 Podcast is brought to you by Artemis Overland Hardware.  Artemis Overland Hardware is a family business with a huge selection of overland equipment in stock for online orders or you can visit the showroom located in Springfield, Missouri.  Either way, Artemis Overland Hardware will get you equipped and ready for … Continue reading »