Ep 26: Tacoma3G, Cleghorn Ridge, and Don Alexander

Episode #: 26

Name: Tacoma3G, Cleghorn Ridge, and Don Alexander


On this episode, we talk about our meet-up with the Tacoma3G group at Cleghorn trail, we review a hand held tire inflater, and talk about one of our favorite spots to wheel; Cleghorn Ridge. After that, We hear an interview with Don Alexander that was recorded on the Jeep Talk Show


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Episode 340 – Advance Adapters Recalls Tony’s Atlas

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This Week In Jeep: Talk of a FCA Merger  / Jeep Rental Facility Getting Sued for 7.5 million for rollover accident.

Contributor Segment: Dana 30 Part 6 with Steve4.3lxj

Wrangler Talk: Off-Road Trail Etiquette

Interview with: Steve Roberts with Advance Adapters

Tech Talk With Jeep Talk: Basic Coolant Wrap Up

Must Have Stuff for your Jeep: Cool Tech Wrangler JL CB Antenna Kit – $89.95


Jeep Cherokee Stock To Wheeler: Locker install discussion

Nicky G:

Wheeling Where:

Old Dominion Jeep Fest



Toledo Jeep Fest



28th Annual Gambler’s Poker Run



Muddy Buddy Jeep Jam



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Ep25: Matt and the Rompin Red Renegade

Episode #: 25

Name: Matt and the Rompin Red Renegade

Guest: Matt



On this episode, we introduce you to Matt. He is going to be co-hosting the show going forward. Then, we talk to Matt about his #rompinredrenegade. He ran the Mojave Trail in 2016 and in 2018 in the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk. We compare how the Jeep did before and after the Daystar Lift and Hankook Tires were installed.



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Show # 48 Jeeps around the world (kinda)

hello Jeepers, Kevin's back from his vacation abroad and wanted to share his "Jeep" excursion with you the listener. It's a short show notes as I myself am getting ready for vacation. We tackle a "short" subject in Kevins Garage about Ignition systems. Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening.